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Responsible for the content of this website (but not for the content of linked websites by other providers) is

Georg Pollitt (Pollitt Consulting)

Address: Im Surebaum 2, 8332 Russikon, Switzerland

Phone: +41 78 892 82 01

Email: georg@harbigarr.ch

The butterfly as symbol for the ETB uses a picture of a star nebula from "NASA, ESA and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team". All other texts and pictures are self made, partly using free sources. Should there be nevertheless any copyright violation, just let me know. By the way, Possibility Management is using copyleft, meaning usage with naming source and copyleft hint is welcome; all other rights reserved.

At present the website does not use any cookies or request any data. Information transferred via email or in a personal conversation will be kept confidential or in accordance to met agreements (e.g. there is a participant list after trainings, where your address is listed if you don't disagree explicitly).

Newsletters were sent until autumn 2017 to addresses from training participants, personal contacts, and direct requests for that. Right now, no further newsletters are planned. The data are up-to-date secured on data mediums only accessible through Georg Pollitt - please send an email (see above) to get information about them, to communicate changes, or to let them be removed completely. In addition (e.g. if you are German speaking, too):
Privacy information for my German Newsletter

Important: Integral part of the contract for any participation (in offers from me):
Hints for participation in the Space of Possibilities