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Possibility: Choose from unlimited Abundance

Something different is possible, right now!
Clinton Callahan
The sheeple (...) don't want freedom or empowerment. They crave the comfort of certainty.
Matrix Resurrections

Possibility is the third main Bright Principle used for the Feeling Work in the Space of Possibilities. You have to access the unknown if you want something different, something your Box (your "survival mode") has never tried and even doesn't see as possible. And if you do that you'll be confronted with the feeling of fear. As long as your Box tries to avoid this fear, you won't step into new areas of experience and aliveness.

Learning how to be with fear, how to let it flow through your nervous system instead of blocking it and being frozen, is one of the offers to which you are invited here. And let me tell you from own and other peoples' experiences: It's really joy to do that, to be alive and awake and present through and while letting the fear flow through. You (not your Box) might want to give it a try ...